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Cipla Global Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and Biotechnology company, headquartered in Mumbai, India; Belgium, & Surrey in the European Union; and Miami, Florida, in the United States; with manufacturing facilities in Goa, Bengaluru, Baddi, Indore, Kurkumbh, Patalganga, and Sikkim, along with field stations in Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. Cipla primarily Develops therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control and depression; other medical conditions.

As of 17 September 2014, its market capitalisation was INR517 billion (US$8.1 billion), making it India's 42nd largest publicly traded company by market value.

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Sexless life – is it a final verdict?

The first tokens of sexual disorders may appear regardless age, financial and social position, family status or other factors. The reasons causing erectile disorders are not clear yet, however many therapists incline to psychological backgrounds of sexual disorders. Still the reason of a disease does not make a great difference for a patient. The main aim for patients with erectile disorder is to get back their sexual power and the ability to sexually satisfy and be satisfied.

Silagra is an innovative remedy for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The main ingredient of the drug is sildenafil citrate which forms the main component of well-known and worldly recognized Viagra.

When a man faces some sexual problems the main point of concern becomes the cost of the curing of the disease. Silagra will not only get you the sexual power back, but will save your wallet from a rapid money loss. The pills producer does not invest in marketing as other producers of global renown.

Silagra treatment is the same safe and easy. In most cases it does not need any prescriptions. The pills are mainly sold over the counter. You should consult the therapist only in the case of personal intolerance to the drug ingredients, special allergic reactions and other treatments of chronic diseases.

As an average drug Silagra performs some adverse reactions, however these mostly appear in case of overdosing. Still if you notice nausea, headache, urinary discomfort or bluish vision you should report the case to the physician or seek the emergency treatment, warning the doctors you are taking Silagra. In most cases the treatment continues without side effects.

The medication is produced in 100mg film coated pills. It is strongly recommended to start treatment from the half-dosage. If a half-pill will seem ineffective or the erection after a half-dosage will not be as strong and long-lasting as desired then you should take the full pill of 100mg.

Do not take a double dosage at once as it may act in a perverse way and perform no erection at all. Take the pill each time you are going to enjoy sex (30 minutes before sex if possible as a pill needs time to act).

This drug will not heal the disease. Each type of sexual disorder needs a thorough medical investigation which is time consuming. Still you may enjoy all the sexual pleasures even during investigation and disease reasons diagnosis. Do not delay your satisfaction! Try the magic pill today!

Why buy Silagra?

Tired of discontent and unhappiness? Missing for passion nights? Then you absolutely should try Silagra!

An inovative and effective medicine Silagra will help to cope with erectile dysfunction and male impotency. You can easy buy Silagra generic replica of Viagra and make sure that it will provide guaranteed erectile dysfunction remedy. Erecticle dysfunction (male impotency) is caused by many reasons which include psychological and emotional stress, mental and environmental factors. That’s why Silagra is like a magic wand for people suffering from erectile dysfunction and male impotency, thus making sex the most pleasurable activity with just a single dose. Really a blue magic pill. Throughout the history of mankind the erect penis has been a symbol of power and virility. In men the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual function, known as erectile dysfunction, can have a considerable impact on interpersonal relationships and quality of life.

A lot of people wonder, why does Silagra is cheaper than Viagra, so it is cheaper because the manufacturers of Silagra do not spend any money on marketing or development. So they can sell the drug at a reasonable price. Silagra differ in its shape, color, packaging, flavor labeling aspects, but the active ingredient and the product quality is the same as its brand equivalent Viagra. The low cost of Silagra helps more people overcome erectile dysfunction. If you decided to buy Silagra, you’d better consult the doctor, telling him particularly your allergies, penis conditions, anemia, eye problems, blood system cancers, high or low blood pressure etc.

Silagra is taken in form of a pill only before you are going to have sex. Silagra 100mg pills are manufactured by Cipla. Each Silagra tablet contains the same ingredients (sildenafil citrate) as Pfizer’s Viagra. It takes around 45 minutes for Silagra tablets to take effect and last from 4 to 6 hours.

Besides, you can order Silagra pills irrespective of your age and duration of the problem. It is designed to last between 30 minutes to 6 hours and should be consumed an hour before indulging into sexual activity.
Slidenafil Citrate present in Silagra drugs increases blood flow level to the penis area: with the help of an enzyme found in entire penile region (PDE5), helping increase blood flow. In other words improvements in penile endothelial L-arginine-nitric oxide activity is an unifying explanation for the actions of Silagra.

When you intend to buy Silagra online, you should know some important facts about these pills.

Remember, that alcohol intake will increase the side effects of the drug (headache, dizziness, flushing, diarrhea). Don’t forget, that elderly people are more sensitive to the side effects of the drug.