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Cipla Global Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and Biotechnology company, headquartered in Mumbai, India; Belgium, & Surrey in the European Union; and Miami, Florida, in the United States; with manufacturing facilities in Goa, Bengaluru, Baddi, Indore, Kurkumbh, Patalganga, and Sikkim, along with field stations in Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. Cipla primarily Develops therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control and depression; other medical conditions.

As of 17 September 2014, its market capitalisation was INR517 billion (US$8.1 billion), making it India's 42nd largest publicly traded company by market value.

Silagra – generic viagra. Average price of Silagra

Silagra is the generic drug for Viagra, representing the new formula of the famous pills for the treatment of impotence. It is indicated to the men, suffering from erectile dysfunction. Silagra helps to restore libido and improve sexual activity. The drug also increases the potency and significantly prolongs the sexual act.

The form of production

Silagra is an exact analog of Viagra. Its active substance is also Sildenafil.
Silagra is produced in the form of pills. It is sold under an international generic name.
It is packed in blisters (per 4, 8, 12, 24 and 48 pills).
The drug manufacturer is the Indian pharmaceutical company “Cipla”.
The average price of Silagra is $35 for 1 packing (12 pills).

Indications for use
Silagra is recommended to the men who have problems in their sexual lives caused by erectile dysfunction and impotency of any ethiology.
It is indicated to the patients with weakened erection caused by exhaustion and too high physical activity, sleep deprivation, stress and unhealthy habits.

The action of Silagra
Promoting the blood flow to the penis, Silagra increases the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and simplifies the sexual arousal.
The drug accelerates the development of erection and reinforces it, increases the thrill of sexual feelings and prolongs the sexual act.

The duration of action

Silagra acts for about 3.5 – 5 hours. During this time, the man’s organism becomes ready to realize at least 2 – 3 sex acts (the duration of each of them is from 30 to 60 minutes).

The way of using

It is recommendable to take the drug 35 – 45 minutes before sex, though its starts to act much faster than Viagra (approximately in 20 minutes).
It is allowed to take no more than 1 pill a day.
The pills are taken with water.
It is advisable to take Silagra on an empty stomach.
Silagra can’t be mixed with alcohol.


Silagra is contraindicated to the underage persons and the patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and heart defect.


You must not drive the car 5 – 8 hours after the use of Silagra. The drug can cause the blurred vision or drowsiness in the weakened body blurred vision.

Sildenafil – medication guide. Description. Dosage.

Sildenafil is the first drug, developed by an American company “Pfizer” for the treatment and recovery of erection in the men of different age.
The drug is released in the form of rhomboid pills and sold over the counter.

Sildenafil and its instant action

Stabilizing the blood pressure in sexual organs, Sildenafil creates excellent conditions for the development of natural erection. The results are seen within 30 – 45 minutes after the intake.
Duration of drug action is 5 hours.

The form of action:

  • Stabilization of potency;
  • Increase of erection;
  • The improvement of endurance of genital system;
  • Reduction in time necessary to recuperate after the coitus;

Useful properties of the drug

Easily absorbed in the body, Sildenafil Citrate is not addictive. As the drug doesn’t affect the biological properties of seminal fluid, it can be taken by all the men over the age of 18 without restriction.

The intake and dosage of Sildenafil

The experts recommend to take 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate orally 45 – 50 minutes before the intimacy.

The course of treatment can be both one-time and constant. The dosage is regulated according to the patient’s health and doctor’s recommendations.

Before the consultation with the doctor, the drugs with the active substance of Sildenafil are contraindicated to:

  • The men over 65;
  • The patients with the congenital deformations of penis;
  • The men suffering from kidney and cardiovascular failure, and also the chronic stomach and abdominal diseases;

The patients that belong to any of the categories listed above, must consult the doctor before taking this drug.
Note that urologists recommend avoiding mixing this drug with alcohol and any group of drugs, containing nitrates.
Side effects

The side effects may be caused by overdose. The main symptoms are: sickness, allergic nasal congestion, headache at the temples, vertigo and other symptoms of malaise.

If you noticed any of these symptoms, we recommend you to stop the treatment and seek the advice of urologist.

Silagra is the latest medicine for the treatment of male impotency

Silagra (whose active component is Sildenafil Citrate) is the latest medicine for the treatment of male impotency. The action of this drug is the same as that of Viagra. Silagra is quite popular with the men due to the low Price and the almost complete absence of the side effects.
Silagra is one of the most modern drugs for the improvement of male impotence. Today, Silagra is a unique product. In fact, it is an improved analog of Viagra. Besides, its Price is significantly lower, and it has almost no side effects. Just like in Viagra, the main drug component is Sildenafil, which provides the qualitative erection due to the improved blood circulation in penis.

The main component of Silagra is also Sildenafil. It affects the blood vessels of sexual organ, significantly improving the blood circulation, As a result, the man feels full of energy.

You must take Silagra at least 30 minutes before sex. You should take into account that the duration of its action is no more than 4 hours. The recommended dosage is 50 mg, the minimal one is 25 mg, and the maximum one is 100 mg. Don´t take the drug more than once in 24 hours, as it can cause negative manifestations. It is also not recommended to eat a lot and drink alcohol during the treatment.

As practice shows, Silagra is able to treat the impotence of any severity, regardless of the reasons cause this disease. We’d like to warn you that this drug is contraindicated to the underage persons and the men over 65. Moreover, the experts don´t recommend this medicine to the patients with kidney, liver and cardiovascular problems. Don´t take Silagra if you´re intolerant to any of its components. Inform the doctor about all the drugs you´re taking. Silagra can be taken together with the other medicines only if it is recommended by the doctor. The drug can increase the action of the drugs, called nitrates and nitric oxide donors (which are used for the treatment of angina). Silagra must not be taken together with these drugs. Don´t combine Silagra with the other medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

And anyway, we advise you to consult the qualified experts before using Silagra in order to avoid any problems.

Purchasing Sildenafil Online To Treat Impotence

Despite all commercials and sexual education, many men still suffer from impotence being too discreet about their sexual disorder that is a perfectly common phenomenon, especially in elderly males. If you are one of those males who stopped feeling satisfaction from sex, can’t get erection to satisfy a sexual partner and due to some personal reasons refuse to visit a doctor to find out about a diagnosis, you may want to try a panacea of erectile dysfunction called Sildenafil.
As you may know, Sildenafil is the active component of Pfizer’s Viagra – “magic” blue pills restoring male power. However, Viagra can be bought only by prescription, at least in the USA. Most pharmacies offer to buy Sildenafil instead of Viagra online because this pill will provide the same effect, it is effectual in 90% of all cases of erectile dysfunction and more importantly, it is legal to buy Sildenafil online without a prescription. Let’s consider the key points on the use of Sildenafil pills.

How much is legal and safe to buy Sildenafil online?

The U.S. “Law on Electronic Signature” was introduced in 2003. This law makes it possible to send electronic prescriptions and logically to buy Sildenafil online legally. This method is now already used by many primary care physicians to send prescriptions to connected pharmacies. This electronic recipe also meets the guidelines of the KNMG (Royal Dutch Society to promote healing).
Although still relatively unknown in Europe, as well as the United States, the online prescriptions of medicines in other countries are already quite common. Internet pharmacies are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, most licensed pharmacies work exclusively with European and American registered doctors and recognized Canadian pharmacies.

Sildenafil equals generic Viagra

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. By mid-2013 Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra, had the patent to be allowed to bring Sildenafil under the name Viagra on the market. The patent is now expired but. Other companies may therefore produce the same product under a different name. Such an agent is called a generic drug. Because Sildenafil online pill has been approved in the United States, you can now buy Sildenafil legally.
Even Pfizer itself (the makers of Viagra) brings its own generic brand on the market. Patients can buy generic Viagra by Pfizer under the name Sildenafil Pfizer pill. Generic Sildenafil Pfizer is produced in the same factory as Viagra. The effect is therefore identical to brand Viagra. The tablet looks only slightly different: She is white instead of blue color of known Viagra. If you want to order Sildenafil, so have a choice of different brands. The effect of these individual products but will be nearly equal.
You can buy Sildenafil to treat weak erections or impotence. Sildenafil in 20mg, 50mg and 100mg pills can be applied once per day, the action will be revealed in few minutes after the intake.

Buy Sildenafil Pills: Guidelines and Uses

If coitus becomes a hurdle that you need to overcome, this means that you have to resolve the situation with erectile dysfunction immediately. Sildenafil (that remains in may provide assistance and solve the problem of this kind. He will restore sexual activity. Excitement comes after the improvement of blood circulation. Poor blood flow prevents the erection, but you can solve this problem with the help of Sildenafil.

Where to buy Sildenafil pills?

You can buy Sildenafil online and forget problems with weak erections for a long-time period, but that is not a right attitude. We urge you to treat the cause and not consequences. Sildenafil can only help to fix the problem for few hours. If ED occurs because you work too much or your work is very nervous, such factors should be removed from your life. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can indicate about some serious errors in your body. Therefore may be that it is necessary to contact a doctor for thorough examination.
If you want to buy Sildenafil Citrate cheap, consider possibility of purchasing generics online. These preparations have the same properties, even though you were not approved by FDA. Such preparations are copied and they are not counterfeits. Generic Sildenafil contains exactly the same ingredients as the original analogs. If you buy generic, the proportion of components may vary, but basically the main properties remain.
Sildenafil may have different trade names. It can be offered as generic Viagra or Revatio, which is used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Nevertheless, Sildenafil is usually used as a medicine for erectile dysfunction. When you buy Viagra, you need to know how Viagra looks like. These are the blue tablets with the imprint manufacturer’s designation. Tablets are usually diamond shaped like brand Viagra. If you buy generic Sildenafil tablets may have different shapes. Such purchases you make most prescription online.

How to use Sildenafil?

Sildenafil in one pills can be contained 20 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg, is intended for peroral administration. It is released nitrogen oxides, thereby increasing cGMP levels. In the final result the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, which increases blood flow. If, however, comes no sexual stimulation after using Sildenafil, you can experience hardly any effect of Sildenafil. It will produce no effect! Tablets are small and allow men the specimen in the middle of the night quietly takes, if this becomes necessary. Tablet dissolves quickly; it can be ideal helper to save your male power!
Viagra is very expensive, because this was the first drug in its class. The years have passed; new drugs come who had acquired popularity in the market. Viagra but still takes a first. You should be very careful when you buy Viagra, because it is usually fake medicines in the world.

Contradictions to the use of Sildenafil pills

Today, about 30 million people suffering in the United States of erectile dysfunction. Problem of ED treatment is very sharp, but normal is that no drug can fit for all. Sildenafil as the active ingredient in Viagra and Revatio may not be suitable for some patients.
Sildenafil is not be used if you are sensitive to individual ingredients of the preparation. Even tiny amounts can have undesirable consequences. Ask List of agents for which you have hypersensitivity. Talk about this list with your doctor if ED treatment is prescribed. Patients who are older than 65, may have problems if you suffer from kidney and liver disease.
Be careful when using Sildenafil no prescription pills. Buy only from trusted online pharmacies with licenses to sell generics.